Title : The Optimal Life Experience:  What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Create Maximized Well-Being   Author:  Brian Vondruska  Publisher : Aurora Park Publishing  Scheduled Date of Publication : September 2017  Retail Price : $14.95 US (Paperback); $8.99 US (ebook)  ISBN : 978-0-9987511-0-8 (paperback); 978-0-9987511-1-5 (ebook)   order on amazon .

Title: The Optimal Life Experience: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Create Maximized Well-Being
Author: Brian Vondruska
Publisher: Aurora Park Publishing
Scheduled Date of Publication: September 2017
Retail Price: $14.95 US (Paperback); $8.99 US (ebook)
ISBN: 978-0-9987511-0-8 (paperback); 978-0-9987511-1-5 (ebook)

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The Optimal Life Experience:
What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Maximize Well-Being



These questions have been studied for thousands of years. This book finally deduces the answers.

Drawing on concepts from psychology, philosophy, and economics, this book creates a coherent picture of the total human experience. From the complexities of life, it extracts a simple path to maximized well-being.

That path incorporates general insights—including why bettering ourselves and bettering others are inextricably linked—that you can use to create a personally tailored path to completely fulfilled human potential. If you help people to become their best selves, either formally, such as through course development, or informally, such as through parent-child interactions, then you can achieve this optimally through this book.

How will you help people to live with vigor, to be exhilaratingly human—to have an optimal life experience?

"Brian Vondruska brings together ancient wisdom and contemporary psychological theories to explore pathways to a life well lived. This accessible treatise on adult development focuses on how individuals satisfy needs for relatedness and competence, often through benevolent acts, and yields some surprising insights about 'optimal living' and how to cultivate it. An engaging and original synthesis."              
     – Richard M. Ryan, Ph.D., Professor at the Institute for Positive Psychology & Education at the Australian Catholic University, Research Professor in Psychology at the University of Rochester, and co-developer of Self-Determination Theory.

"I find the ideas in this book to be very important and deeply consonant with a new vision of human flourishing that is being developed in the psychological and social sciences. The author's non-technical style will make these ideas available to a wide audience of persons looking for a deeper understanding of human experience than is current in today's contemporary culture."
      – John H. Riker, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy at Colorado College, and author of Exploring the Life of the Soul and Why It Is Good to Be Good.
"The Optimal Life Experience offers solid insights to anyone interested in improving their relationships and wellbeing. Easy to read and wonderful to digest."
      – Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Clinical Psychologist and NYT bestselling author.