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Welcome to The Kind of Parent You Are, the place for parents intent on personal growth—for happier, more fulfilled, better lives for their children, and for themselves.


Is Parenthood Overwhelming You? It May Be Time to Create a New You

Effective parenting requires the best of you. If you are like me, however, then the you you have is not always the you you need. You may need to recast yourself as equal to the task. In that case, becoming a parent is a transformative process.

The Kind of Parent You Are aims to provide the background, tools, and, most importantly, the inspiration for a positive self-transformation at the time when you most need it.

Who is Behind The Kind of Parent You Are?

My name is Brian Vondruska. I am the author and founder of The Kind of Parent You Are. I am not a clinician, nor a psychologist, nor a parenting expert. I am just a parent who, like you, wants my children to grow into adults who lead fulfilling lives.

I believe that every child has the potential to live a fulfilling life, and has the right to pursue it. I believe that a fulfilling life is about growth, and that growth requires effort. I believe that the greatest advantage anyone can have for realizing such a life is good parenting.

I believe that small acts can make a big difference. I believe the best place to make a difference is with the people closest to you.

Nourishing a child’s development is one of the most joyous, rewarding, and gratifying experiences life has to offer. It is fitting that it is also one of life’s most challenging endeavors. New parents find their limits stretched in ways they never imagined. Our abilities and feelings are taken to fresh testing grounds.

Sometimes, making a difference for the people closest to you requires you to start with yourself. Becoming a parent was, for me, a call to match myself to the challenges of my new role. As it turns out, being a parent is about growth, and that growth requires effort. 

What is Here

The Kind of Parent You Are features articles, videos, and user discussion. Everything here is intended to help people—parents and children—become the best they can be.

Even though practical matters are addressed, The Kind of Parent You Are is less about the “how” and more about the “why.” Parents who know the why will find their own how; one that is appropriate to their personal circumstances, their principles, and the temperaments of themselves and their children. Along the way, they will also find themselves becoming their best.

Thank you for visiting The Kind of Parent You Are. I hope you that enjoy the content, that you find it enriching, and that you and your children all have wonderful lives.  

Brian Vondruska

Author and Founder, The Kind of Parent You Are



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