The Optimal Life Experience:
What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Maximize Well-Being

This book takes a theoretical approach to discerning what it means to live the best possible life, and how to attain it. The result is a broad foundation upon which specific guidance can be built. Read more.

"An engaging and original synthesis."              
     – Richard M. Ryan, Ph.D., co-developer of Self-Determination Theory.

"I find the ideas in this book to be very important..."
     – John H. Riker, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy at Colorado College, and author of Exploring the Life of the Soul and Why It Is Good to Be Good.

"Easy to read and wonderful to digest."              
     – Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Clinical Psychologist and NYT bestselling author.

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The Kind of Parent You Are:
Becoming Your Best Person So Your Children Can Become Their Best Adults

This book takes the theoretical foundation built in The Optimal Life Experience, and converts it to practice for the area of parenting. The content is presented for a broad audience. Read more.

"Bravo Brian for writing an inspiring parent-to-parent guide to help others formulate their own personal parenting philosophy based on a research-based foundation."              
     – Karen Deerwester, Ed.S., author of The Entitlement-Free Child and owner of Family Time, Inc.

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The Kind of Parent You Are Journal

This companion to the book, The Kind of Parent You Are, picks up where the reflection exercises in The Kind of Parent You Are leave off. Daily and monthly templates are included for tracking and monitoring progress against your objectives. The names of the months are entered by the journal user, so that you can begin at any time of the year.

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5 Ways to Make Becoming a Parent Your Best Life Change

This short ebooklet was written especially for new and expectant parents. 

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