Pumpkin Seeds: A Halloween Story

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A pumpkin for Reese, what a delight!

And just in time, for Halloween night.


She opened it up. She scooped out the stuff.

She carved out a face. She lit it right up.


She took the stuff that was mushy and white

Picked out the seeds and let them dry overnight.


When the seeds were ready, she kept some for treats.

She kept some in bags. She kept some for weeks.


She waited for spring, and then got some cups.

She filled them with soil. She filled them all up.


She put a seed in each cup, buried just out of sight

Then loaded the cups into the basket on her bike.


One for her friend Morgan, one for Neighbor Paul

A pumpkin cup for her teacher, she delivered them all.


She made one more, and what do you suppose?

She put it on her dresser so she could see how it grows.


She watered and waited. She hoped so much it hurt.

But every time she checked… nothing but dirt.


No pumpkin. No stalk. She kept asking why.

Not one tiny sprout. She tried not to cry.


On Halloween day, there was still dirt—nothing more.

She sobbed in the corner… then came a knock on the door.


She wiped her eyes. She went to see who was there.

It was Neighbor Paul, lifting a pumpkin into the air.


“Thanks for the pumpkin cup, Reese. It sprouted not one, but two.”

He grinned ear to ear, and said “This one’s for you!”


Behind him was Morgan, looking for her friend Reese.

“Halloween makes me think of you,” she said. “Let’s trick or treat!”


Next came her teacher, with a pan that was square.

“I made pumpkin pie,” she said, “and brought some to share.”


This Halloween day, what do you know?

From the seeds that she planted, something did grow.


Friendships and smiles and sweet little laughs

Trick or treating together, and sharing sweet snacks.


With Halloween over, Reese can’t help but think

Of how lucky she is as she drifts off to sleep.


With visions of friends and of new seeds to sow

She dreams through the night of what they might grow.

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