To Be a Better Parent in the New Year


Do you have parenting goals for 2019? Of course, you can resolve to become a better parent any time of the year. Yet, people still tend to make these changes at the open of a new calendar year. It feels like fresh start. So today I am compiling four resources that can help you.

Maybe you would like to become a better parent, but have trouble coming up with specific goals. If so, do any of these resonate with you?

I want to:

Be more patient.

Be less critical.

Give more of my time.

Be more involved.

Connect more with my kids.

Be a better listener.

Allow more choice.

Be a better coach.

This article takes items that were already published on this website and brings them together for this theme. So it is a bit of a “clip show” format, which I hope you can forgive. But with many of you looking for self-improvement in the new year, and with a fair number of newer readers, I hope you find these four resources fresh and helpful, whatever your parenting goals may be.

Milestones, Measures, and Targets Template

Use this template to add some specificity to your parenting goals. This template also allows you to quantify your progress. There are many ways to do this. No matter how you quantify your progress, it is helpful to do so because it allows you to track whether you are improving.

Figure 1. Examples of Milestones, Measures, and Targets

Figure 1. Examples of Milestones, Measures, and Targets

Read more about the milestones, measures, and targets template

Download the milestones, measures, and targets template

Daily Log Template

Now that you have clear goals, all you need to do is write down how you are doing. There is only room for one milestone at a time, to keep you focused. Don’t forget to keep it brief, so making entries doesn’t become too cumbersome.

Figure 2. Example of Daily Log

Figure 2. Example of Daily Log

Read more about the daily log template.

Download the daily log template

Monthly Tracking Template

You can learn a lot from graphing your progress over time. This template allows you to make a graph, and write about your conclusions.

Figure 3. Example of Monthly Tracking

Figure 3. Example of Monthly Tracking

Read more about the monthly tracking template

Download the monthly tracking template

Twelve-Month Review Template

A simple blank template for thoughts on your experience using the journal, observations on how you have changed, and a summary of key learnings. There are no fields or prompts. This is simply a lined sheet formatted to match the other resources.

Read more about the twelve-month review template

Download twelve-month review template

If you like using these resources, they are also available in journal format through Amazon. If you prefer to print off sheets one-by-one, they will always be available here for free.  

Whatever your path forward, here’s wishing you and your family have a wonderful New Year.

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